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Directions & coordinates


Cholgruabaweg 2

7050 Arosa


Länge:  46.77521

Breite:    9.67452            1800müM

Arrival possible between 1:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m



Gemeinde Arosa Camping


Poststrasse 168


7050 Arosa


F +41 (0)81 356 52 43

phoneat check-in on site: Select button A or B

Booking inquiries cannot be answered by email or telephone.

Vehicle width Chur Arosa max 2.30m

On the Chur-Arosa road, the maximum vehicle width for vehicles and trailers is limited to 2.30m.

Permission must be obtained for wider vehicles/trailers. This can be obtained using the following Excel form (costs approx. CHF 60.--).

As a rule, however, a call to the Graubünden cantonal police is sufficient.


Winter - how to get there and plot sizes

In winter the pitches are a little smaller than in summer. Please note the dimensions for your pitch on the booking pages. 


In autumn and winter, we recommend having winter equipment with you in the vehicle (snow chains, etc.). Arosa is at the end of the Schanfigger valley at 1800 meters above sea level. The village of Arosa is not "cleared black". The campsite is snow-covered in winter, so we recommend fitting snow chains before approaching the campsite.


Arriving with large caravans/vehicles

In summer as well as in winter, individual plots with large caravans or Motorhomes not so easy to approach. Note the pictures and dimensions on the booking pages and in the photo gallery.


In winter, the access road for large caravans is somewhat difficult (road narrowing due to snow).


Road condition Chur-Arosa

Current road conditions in Graubünden

(and Chur-Arosa).


Camping Arosa is operated by the municipality of Arosa.

The campsite is subordinate to the Department of Economic Affairs, Tourism, Public Safety and is organized by the property management.



upkeep & maintenance

Camping supervisor

Serge Rothenbuehler

Municipality of Arosa/property management

Team Parking Arosa

Municipality of Arosa

Hans Kündig

contractual relationship

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